87 MARS Nir Nursery- Wax flowers & more Danziger is proud to add the products of “Nir Nursery” to its cut flower assortment. Among these unique products you can find: Chamelaucium - Wax Flower – Many new and unique varieties including the Color Wax series, suitable for cut flower and pot plants Anigozanthos - Kangaroo Paw - “Cape” line with varieties of 4 different colors to suit every purpose. Adenanthos – Chris-Tal - the new choice for Christmas tree. Aviv - a perfect hanging basket. Isopogon – New and uniquely shaped Curly variety Ozothamnus - Rice Flower – pink and white varieties that flower all year round. Rey - Innovative and revolutionary cross with vibrant fuchsia pink flowers. Danziger will be the official and evclusive distributor of “Nir Nursery” products in Ecuador, Colombia, Mevico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Chile, Kenya, Ethiopia, Japan, China and non- evclusive distributor in Spain. For crops and varieties growing parameters please contact your local area manager.