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“Everything you can imagine is real”, Pablo Picasso

We are happy to introduce the Danziger™ 2018 Cut Flowers Catalog.

In this catalog you will find a collection of novelty products, new inspirations and a new concept -

BETTERLESS™; to help you bring your customers the extra added value.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to remind you that Danziger’s experienced teams are at

your service; for professional guidance, marketing support and networking.

Whether you are looking to improve product performance, apply a more efficient process or

penetrate a new market - from Amsterdam to Quito, from Shanghai to New York, from Nairobi to

Melbourne - we are here, to IMAGINE MORE with you.


Gaby Danziger



Dea r f r i ends and pa r t ne r s,

This year we are happy to introduce “BETTERLESS”.

The icon“BETTERLESS”identifies varieties that, in addition

to their outstanding features, also have added value.

What added values do the “BETTERLESS” provide?

• The variety requires less than 10 days of lighting

• Can use the B9 minimum ppm or none at all

Look for the “BETTERLESS” icon in our catalog!